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S2 E1 Nauset Beach Gazebo with CoCo

Hightown (TV 2020-)

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S2 E1 Passing on the Road

Hightown (TV 2020-)

days-cottage-condosBeautifully executed shot filmed not in Wilmington, but actually in Cape Cod (© Starz)

Immediately upon seeing this it did not look like the Wilmington area. Knowing that productions will do establishing shots at actual locations far away, it could be possible to just film these exterior shots in Massachusetts and still film the interior shots locally in North Carolina. The people in the cars during exterior shots could also be doubles.

Looking at it deeper, they could have just flown the three actors up to the location for this one important scene. The shots look clean, the reflections of the poles look identical, except when Jorge (Luis Guzmán) is driving. For Jorge, he looks like he’s inside a car in a studio, as the windshield and lighting looks static. They even tilted the rear-view mirror in such a way to prevent the image being seen, although a sliver of the side-view mirror still visible.

jorge-drivingJorge’s gotta be in the studio with how this shot looks. (© Starz)

It’s my guess that only troopers Jackie (Monica Raymund) and Leslie Babcock (Tonya Glanz) went to the actual location, while Jorge stayed in Wilmington and a double was used for exterior shots.

cape-cod-crossing-cars(© Starz)

S2 E1 Police Station

Hightown (TV 2020-)

This is the rear of the building, almost never seen except for this establishing shot (© Starz)

While the interior might actually be a set at the EUE/Screen Gems Studios, the establishing shots and exterior scenes are filmed here at the Carolina Beach town hall.

It’s more common to see the front of the building.

This is also the location of Jackie’s (Monica Raymund) AA meeting.

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