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S2 E1 Halloween Party

© StarzJackie heads in to the gay fray
© H.O.W.D.Y. MediaActual location from the front of the restaurant Oceanic

Jackie (Monica Raymund) attends the party, although she hasn’t really bothered to dress up.

© Starz

Upon entering, she runs in her roommate, the fabulous Fred (Francis Jue) who is peacocking with his inflatable rainbow. She doesn’t stop, though, and just sinks below the party to score some magic dust from Richard Simmons/Greg Giratoli (Dustin Lewis).

© StarzWhile we won’t see much of Frank through the season, we do get to see him lighten things up

For the drug buying scene, it shot under Crystal Pier, which is attached to Oceanic.

© StarzFunnily enough, for my first Halloween in Wilmington, I too dressed up as Richard Simmons
© H.O.W.D.Y. MediaActual location under Crystal Pier behind the restaurant Oceanic

This actually was shot around Halloween, conveniently, and was filmed at Oceanic in Wrightsville Beach. I was thinking about answering the casting call for this one, but didn’t want to trek all the way down to Carolina Beach again. It was only afterwards that I learned from a friend that worked that scene that it was at the beach only 6 miles away from me. Had I known, I would have submitted. Looked like fun. Oh well.

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