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South Park (TV 1997-)

The City Part of Town (S19 Ep3) – SoDoSoPa Montage

South Park used a short clip in a SoDoSoPa montage with a waiter setting a table and Hell’s Kitchen visible in the background. This looks like it was stock footage, but oddly appropriate as gentrification has happened in the Brooklyn section of town in which poor neighborhoods have been knocked down and new luxury homes similar to “The Lofts” have sprung up a block away from the lower income areas.

Check at 1:17 in this clip for Manna’s interior. ©South Park Studios

This restaurant has served as a common place for actors to relax on the weekends, as well as a filming location. I’m quite sure other products have filmed here as well, and directly across the street is Hell’s Kitchen, which was created for Dawson’s Creek and opened as a real restaurant later using the same name.

Actual Location:
Manna – 123 Princess St, Wilmington, NC 28401

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