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Hello, and welcome! I’m Steve, aka Exit, and I’ve created this site as both a fan and participant of the Wilmington Film Industry lovingly known as “Wilmywood”.

Steve Baldwin
Hi! This is my face. Photo credit: Christine Poppe White

It was once called “Hollywood East”, but Atlanta is far more deserving of that title as NC governor Pat McCrory has completely destroyed a vibrant and once-growing industry. Some believe that he did so in order to push the film industry out of North Carolina to Georgia in exchange for outside compensation.

I moved here in the 90s and wanted to get involved, but didn’t know how or simply didn’t try. Back then, you would need to go to Fincannon offices and submit a headshot and fill out a form. Now, with the advent of the internet and Facebook, most casting for background or extras is done by Facebook posts.

I originally created this site before I had ever gotten in to film work. I just wanted to list all the locations I could. A year or so after opening this, I began was working on the local productions.

You can too, anyone interested in doing film work can follow these local background casting directors:
Marty Sui Casting
Kimmie Stewart Casting

Additionally, you can find regional casting calls for various projects through:
The Wilmington Casting Call

My start came when a friend said they needed people the next day on a film, and to bring 80s apparel. Hick (2011) was my first, and even though I didn’t make it in to the film, I did see a few friends made the cut. Either way, I loved it and began working more.

At the Sleepy Hollow (FOX) premiere here in Wilmington, the extras casting directors said they’d like to use me for a stand-in for Tom Mison who played Ichabod Crane. I was excited when they did call, but for photo double instead!

In my swanky “honey wagon”, waiting to go to set.

By far my favorite role, I played Tom Mison’s photo double on several episodes. Those were some fun times! Some episodes I got some good screen time, though you aren’t supposed to know that it was me and not Tom. I can say that when I met Headless face to um… neck, he dragged me around a fiery chamber.

Woo! That’s my outline!

I have gotten together a good list of “credits”, though I’m focusing on running my business more than doing film work. I occasionally go back to it, especially if there is a photo double or stand-in role open.

In the hair/makeup trailer. We used own hair, except for a lower third wig added to the back.
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