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Maximum Overdrive (1986)

Stephen King’s Cameo at ATM (Demolished)

Cheesy as the movie was, there was also some enjoyable bits in there. There are stories about this I’ve heard around town, including what happened to the kids getting pegged by the soda machine.

Stephen King appeared in a cameo near the beginning of the movie in which the ATM calls him an asshole a whole lot. Watch the clip below:

This man put Wilmington on the map for movie. Thanks Stephen!

This building was eventually demolished to make way for a new hotel that never was built. Now, it is just an eyesore and being used as a parking lot.

Actual Location (Historical):
88 Princess St, Wilmington, NC 28401

Opening Bridge Scene

The opening scene with the drawbridge misbehaving was filmed on the Isabella Holmes Bridge, though it has been updated since looking quite different.

Actual Location:
Isabel Holmes Bridge – US 74, Wilmington, NC 28401

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